5/10/2015 | Speakers

Franak Viačorka


Belarusian youth leader and New Media editor for Radio Free Europe. He was a first and the only one Vaclav Havel Fellow personally nominated by Vaclav Havel. President of Svaboda Institute. He has also served as a leader of the youth wing of the Belarusian Popular Front (BNF). Franak has been jailed 4 times and was tortured while serving under forced conscription in the Belarusian army. Ran in the local elections (2010). Since 2008, Franak has worked with the independent satellite TV channel Belsat, currently working with RFE/RL’s Belarus service and focusing on New Media and Social Networks. Co-screen writer and second director of a feature film “Viva Belarus!” about democratic movement in Belarus. Recently he has organised a successful nation-wide campaign promoting Belarus language and culture.