EXHIBITION “Azerbaijan: Doubling Down on Repression”

Azerbaijan, Europe’s oil-rich “strategic partner,” has taken a great leap backwards in its already dire human rights record. With over eighty political prisoners – nearly twice as many as in Russia – the country has emerged as the region’s worst jailer of dissident voices.

Prague-based NGO People in Need has launched an exhibition highlighting nine cases of people who have paid a high price for defying the regime’s rosy rhetoric and standing up for democratic values. Among them – human rights defenders, journalists, and political activists. Their stories show that the darker side of Azerbaijan is real.

Exhibition “Doubling Down on Repression: Stories from ’s Political Prisoners” will be presented during Freedom Games 2015 in the EC1 Lodz – City of Culture (Lake of Memory)

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Photo: Instytut Wolności i Bezpieczeństwa Reporterów

Photo: Instytut Wolności i Bezpieczeństwa Reporterów