Zimpel Solo || 6. Dzielnica

In his solo project Wacław Zimpel reaches all the possible musical worlds he has been visiting for years with his various projects and bands, merging American minimal music, Indian ragas, jazz, and classical compositions. Using a looper, which enables to superimpose many musical threads, he builds multi-layered polyphonies that are somewhat reminiscent of both the renaissance canons of Ockeghema and Steve Reich compositions. As was the case in his previous projects, Zimpel uses here a much varied instrumentation. Besides clarinets, analogue organs of the 70s and piano, he uses the traditional instruments of various cultures – Laotian khaen, North Indian algoza, overtone flutes from the Carpathian mountains and an Ukrainian trombita.

An album release is scheduled for 2016.

Concert will take place at 6. Dzielnica (102 Piotrkowska St., Lodz).

Entrance: free