13/10/2015 | Speakers

Yuri Dzhibladze


President of the Moscow-based Centre for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights, which he founded in 1998. The Center is a Russian public policy and advocacy NGO, focusing on a wide range of human rights and democracy issues, including freedom of association and assembly, protection of human rights defenders, torture and enforced disappearances, combating xenophobia and discrimination, among others, in a number of countries, including Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. Working with partners, the Centre has a particular interest in making analysis and developing recommendations on strategies of the international community to promote positive change in human rights and democracy in the post-Soviet region. The Centre actively works with inter-governmental organisations such as the OSCE, the UN, and the Council of Europe. Yuri Dzhibladze is an author and editor of books, research papers and articles on human rights and democracy, and regularly speaks at conferences.